1st Black Techniques - Adult

Technique Name - Attack:

  1. DESTRUCTIVE KNEEL – Front right step thru punch
  2. ENTWINED MACES – Front left and right front punch combination
  3. MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS – Right and left shoulder grabs (close) two men
  4. THE RAM AND THE EAGLE – Front right punch and rear left collar grab by two men
  5. ESCAPE FROM THE STORM – Right flank overhead club
  6. THRUSTING LANCE – Front right step thru knife thrust
  7. CAPTURING THE ROD – Front right pistol hold up (against the chest)
  8. PRANCE OF THE TIGER – Right flank right step thru uppercut punch
  9. FATAL DEVIATION – Front right and left punch with opponents left leg forward
  10. SNAKES OF WISDOM – Flank-left and right shoulder grabs by two men
  11. REPRIMANDING THE BEARS – Front right punch and rear bear hug by two men-arms free
  12. CIRCLING THE STORM – Front right club thrust (high poke)
  13. ENTWINED LANCE – Front-right step thru knife thrust
  14. BROKEN ROD – Rear right hand pistol
  15. TWIRLING HAMMERS – Front left step thru punch
  16. PIERCING LANCE – Front right knife thrust while your arms are up (baiting technique)
  17. UNFOLDING THE DARK – Left step thru punch from the right rear flank
  18. DEFYING THE ROD – Front right pistol holdup
  19. ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS – Step thru right punch from rear left flank
  20. TWISTED ROD – Front right pistol holdup