Our History

Welcome to Desert Dragons Kenpo Karate!

Desert Dragons, was founded in 2005 by owner and chief instructor, Scott Gonzalez, along with his wife, Julie Gonzalez. Based northwest of Phoenix in the city of Peoria where Mr. Gonzalez resides and teaches the practitioners American Kenpo. Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez conceptualized a school that would be part of their community, wanting to provide a positive, nurturing influence for the residents of their home and family.

Kenpo instills qualities of confidence, respect, discipline, and camaraderie as you develop personal abilities through interaction with fellow students. By training with others, you develop a greater understanding of your own unique qualities and talents, envision advancement potential in them, and then implement a structured practice that leads you to those goals through an environment that promotes growth. With the continued increase of his school, Mr. Gonzalez is blessed to see the emergence of his dream and the warm impact it is having on his community.

Gonzalez Family

Each year, Desert Dragons’ students find success outside of the studio utilizing the leadership and coping skills taught in class to become successful in school and at work. Young Desert Dragons’ participants have been recognized at their elementary schools as “Student of the Month”, enacting the challenge in class to be strong young leaders in the community.