1st Brown Techniques - Adult

Technique Name - Attack:

  1. FATAL CROSS – Front two hand attempted low grab
  2. THRUST INTO DARKNESS – Rear right step thru punch
  3. CIRCLING FANS – Front left/right punch combination
  4. DANCE OF DARKNESS – Front right kick followed by a right punch
  5. FALCONS OF FORCE – Flank left and right shoulder grabs by two men
  6. BEAR AND THE RAM – Front right punch rear bear hug-arms free/ two men
  7. CLIPPING THE STORM – Right front thrusting club
  8. CIRCLING WINDMILLS – Front two hand push followed by a right overhead punch
  9. LEAP OF DEATH – Right step thru straight punch
  10. PROTECTING FANS – Front left and right punch combination
  11. REVERSING CIRCLES – Front and left right punch
  12. COURTING THE TIGER – Flank left and right arm shoulder grabs-two men
  13. GATHERING OF THE SNAKES – Front left punch/ right rear punch/ two men
  14. RAINING LANCE – Front right step thru overhead knife
  15. DESTRUCTIVE FANS – Left flank -right step thru punch
  16. UNFURLING CRANE – Front-left and right punches
  17. UNWINDING PENDULUM – Front right kick followed by a right punch
  18. GRASPING EAGLES – Front-right lapel grab/ Rear- left shoulder grab/ two men
  19. PARTING OF THE SNAKES – Front – right punch/ rear left hand shoulder grab / two men
  20. GLANCING LANCE – Front-right shuffle knife thrust